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    So Friend is a "Network Operating System". That runs like a web server. With a brain inside of it. That knows about user accounts, user session states and that kind of stuff. And when you point your browser to a domain that runs Friend Core, it displays the Friend OS in your browser tab. What does that mean? The Internet is still a *new* phenomenon. It really and totally is! Because - it is still changing stuff, without itself changing much. The internet of today - architecturally and by design - is practically the same as in 1997. Really. If a programmer would know what could be done with TCP/IP and UDP (old inventions of the old Internet) - years hence - things that we use every day in the present could have been made and distributed back when. The distribution model of the ancient Internet remains the same today as when people were playing Diablo I on a Pentium computer with 16 megs of RAM. Or an Amiga 1200 with 4 megs of RAM. It hasn't changed fundamentally. Yes, back in 1997, school kids in the jungle of India wouldn't access social networks on their phones. Migrants of war wouldn't film the guards at the border crossings with their Internet enabled phones. But - the network was already there. Friend is a system that you can install into the Internet. Yes it is installed on a machine - virtual or physical - that is connected to the Net. But it's resources may connect to abstract systems - systems that may interact - across the Net. Thus - things you may interact with on a Friend system may not be located in any country. It may be entirely abstracted from fragments that emit from all over the world. This changes everything. It bends juristiction. It bends the mind for sure. This is a personal Cloud Computer in the Sky Computing paradigm. A Friend system may run Apps, Storage and Services that runs from "Not-in-any-country". This is the next paradigm.
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