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  1. I can't wait to get testing this new release!! A lot has changed since the early days of Friend and I for one am extremely excited to see whats in the pipeline for the next few months!
  2. I won’t bore you all with the details, but today we did a rather big update to our Handy dandy, forum that we have here! A list of bugs around 20-30 lines long, a long list of upgrades and a few new features being released soon! Keep posted as we have some awesome things coming in the not so distant future here on the Friend-Nexus. Whilst you are bored waiting... enjoy a meme!
  3. Hi Brooke, I have taken a look and it seems you have not yet read the rules. Once you have a few minutes jump into #welcome-rules. Once you give them a quick read you'll gain access 😉 Best Regards, Kyle.
  4. Hi Vivian, This has been passed onto Hogne, and he will contact you shortly.
  5. Hi Ross! o/ Nice to see you join our the community! I look forward to seeing your posts, and hopefully we can all work together to get you closer to your dream project!
  6. Hi David, Wonderful to see you in the community! I shall have the guys contact you in regards to how we can help out using Friend.
  7. I would also like to add that as a Founder & CTO of a Cloud service provider who has been operating for over 10 years with many happy clients with market values in their respected fields worth millions of pounds; that software does not just always come prepackaged out of the box perfect for your specific company. The amazing thing about Friend is that it is open source, and you have the ability to customise every aspect, and if you have the skills to do so you can make something utterly amazing! Now as the owner of a CSP (hosting provider in it's own right) I want a platform that brings all my dashboards, system panels and engineers together into one place and I want full control over that process... Having a dedicated company to assist when the need arises, in a professional business-2-business situation is worth any value of money to my business. I do not work for Friend but it is well know that Nexus & Friend are strong Business partners and I have to say I have not found any of these issues when working with these guys. Lastly; the wonderful thing about this community has to be that posts like this become part of the progression and development of an already amazing platform and we are able to improve and grow with every piece of feedback that comes our way! So, Jari... thank you, for taking the time to provide us with this invaluable feedback and we hope to improve continuously and hope Friend has a place in your business needs in the near future and we can work together!
  8. Welcome everyone o/ I wanted to add a little bit here; over the coming months, we hope this forum will become the centre for the community of developers around Friend and the developers world as a whole! I have big hopes for this place and we have big plans for you guys. There are a lot of features coming and alot to look forward to so stick around and you may just find yourself having more fun than you hoped for. 😉
  9. I need a good editor with markup on it, something that will mark up corrections/auto-fill for HTML, CSS, JS. Having the likes of a WUSIWUG editor on there too would be amazing!
  10. Welcome to the Friend Lounge. This is the place for off-topic discussion of just about everything that doesn't fit in the other forums. We talk about music, current events, politics, movies, rants, and the occasional rave.Think of the lounge like a large room with lots of people milling around. We want you to join the group so find a conversation, listen in for a few minutes, and then chime in. Don't run in to the room screaming at the top of your lungs. Take it slow and you'll fit right in!Some quick things to remember Reply with worthwhile, insightful comments that people will enjoy reading. Start new topics, but check the first few pages to make sure it hasn't been discussed recently. Don't troll topics looking for reasons to make constantly negative comments. Use a spell checker (Most browsers have them). Keep it PG-13 please. Have fun, we joke around and pick on each other, don't take it personally. Common Mistakes That Will Get You in TroubleMaking a "Hi, I'm New!" threadWe have an introduce yourself forum for that. Start there, then come read some topics in the Friend lounge to see how we do things. You'll get the feel for it.Starting redundant threadsWe are not a news service, but many of us check them frequently. Before you make a topic specifically to bring us a link, animation, or story, do a quick forum search for the URL and related keywords. If the only thing you're posting is the link, you might want to reconsider.Plugging your personal websiteThis comes off rather badly if you do it too soon after joining. It is known as "site-whoring," and you will be flamed. If you want to plug your (or anyone else's) site, put a link in your sig, or ask the staff team for permission.Starting a new thread asking why another thread was lockedPM a moderator if you really don't understand why a thread was locked. Also, do not make a thread solely for the purpose of referring to a thread that has been locked. Even if it's a joke thread, it's not funny enough to warrant it.Failing to pay attention to grammar and spellingNobody here demands epic poetry from other users, but posts that are incomprehensible will most likely be misinterpreted, ignored, or flamed.Registering alternate accounts, otherwise known as "alts"Unless it's a terribly, terribly clever alt, expect to have it taken away. And keep in mind that if it's terribly, terribly stupid, you might be stuck with it.Quoting the rules if you do not know themLoudly and disruptively proclaiming a thread or post to be against the rules without being able to back up your accusation will come to no good. And even if you do know them, it's pretty annoying, wait for a mod to take care of it, or pm one and let them know.Failing to use spoiler tags or spoiler warningsThis should be self-explanatory. If you're making a spoiler thread, include "SPOILERS" in the title. If you're posting a spoiler within an unlabeled thread, user the [*spoiler] tags.NecropostingUnless you've got something incredibly insightful to say and a genuine interest in continuing the discussion, don't bump old threads that have died a natural death.How To Avoid Being a Flamed/ObliteratedLurk for a whileReading threads and announcements without posting will help give you an instinctive idea of what will and will not be tolerated by the forum and the mods.Have contentIf you're post contains nothing but emoticons, internet short hand (lol, lmao, etc.), or a mixture of the two, you're doing it wrongBe insightfulThis place is full of smart people, other people who at least pretend to be smart will fit in and be recognised as such. When you've got something interesting to say, please, for all that is right in the world, say it.Final NoteThe mods and admins have final say, no matter what. And if you want to leave, don't create a thread and don't ask us to delete you're account, just don't log on anymore. That being said if you require an account deletion for data-protection purposes email us at admin@friend-nexus.com
  11. What Is The Friend-Nexus?The Friend-Nexus is a community of programmers, web developers, and geeks who share a passion for creating, breaking, learning and helping others learn.Asking QuestionsFriend-Nexus is primarily a place to ask questions, share your knowledge and contribute. You'll receive the best help if you provide as much information about your question or problem as possible. Include a good title, your code, any errors you're encountering, and what your project goal is all about.Do: Post your code between /> tags Include details about errors and what your question is Use proper English and spelling Tell us what you've tried to solve your problem Do Not: Ask us to do your coding or projects for you! Copy/Paste your whole code Advertise your projects without prior consent Answering QuestionsYou can earn reputation and recognition (and that warm fuzzy feeling) by helping in our Q&A forums. We strive to provide answers that are detailed and in-depth by including links to documentation, examples of code, and explanations. We do not however do people's projects for them. Nor do we tell people to "Google It" as that's usually how they arrived here.Do: Provide in-depth explanations & details Include links to documentation & references Be polite and professional Provide a solution others will find useful in the future Do Not: Enforce rules in replies, use the "Report" button instead Just tell someone to "Google It" Be rude or hijack topics just to criticise the OP Reporting Bad Posts & MembersIf a post/topic needs moved, is spam, is a "Gimme Teh Codez" or doesn't provide any details/information, or breaks other rules, please report it using the topic report section from the home page.Editing Your PostsIn order to gain editing permissions, guests need to be verified. Member Groups & BadgesAs you become more involved in the Friend-Nexus community, you will earn more privileges and recognition for your contributions and expertise through various member groups, badges, and our reputation system (more on that later). Member Members with more than 10 posts. Limited to 25 up votes and 5 down votes per day Can PM other members (no more than 5 per day) Can comment on blogs and add friends Friend+ Premium site supporter. Enjoys all the new features early. Become a Friend+ member! Contributors Members who have contributed at least one code snippet or tutorial. This badge is proudly displayed by members who have provided quality content to the Friend-Nexus community. Authors Members who have written at least three peer reviewed and admin accepted tutorials. Experts This is one of the hardest badges to get and requires a display of expertise in a specific subject area. Members who answer questions accurately and are deemed to be experts in a particular forum will be awarded the purple Expert badge. Experts are often looked at during the Moderator nomination process. Forum Team Members who lead a specific forum and help start and lead discussions, handle basic moderation, and participate in the planning and execution of Friend-Nexus challenges, contests, and other activities. Mentors Members who have exhibited great expertise, leadership, professionalism, and embody the spirit and vision of Friend-Nexus are awarded the Mentor badge. Mentors are moderators in their respective forums. Moderators The blue Moderator badge is given to very active members who have contributed to the community, shown a desire to help, fully understand the rules and personality of the site, and are willing to dedicate several hours a day to helping and moderating the forums they're in charge of. Admins The gold badge of Team members is earned by being extremely active in the community, helping on a daily basis, participating in community decisions and suggesting improvements. Team members are picked very carefully by the Community Managers and are super moderators. Our team members are usually our most helpful users. This badge is not given out often. FriendUP FriendUP are members who are on the FriendUP staff team. They are the people who work at and provide us with new unreleased previews of whats coming up in the FriendUP world and are here on their own time.
  12. Hi Everyone! o/ I am Kyle, aka Pyrosyndicate; and I am the community manager, this includes roles as keeping the back-end server and services running in top condition, implementing new features and tools to the forum and overall just keeping everyone happy! I came to friend after stumbling across the FriendUP site looking for a decentralised webOS for my company NexusCloud Services. I quickly got in deep with the community and became an active member of the community, helping out where possible and providing as much help as possible. FriendUP & NexusCloud Services have since joined in a Mutual Partnership and work together on corporate projects which has been a fantastic insight into how such a wonderful company is ran. I started this career as I was always fascinated in how things worked under the hood (or side panel of a computer I guess you could say) and have since grown my third successful startup, completed every vendor course under the sun and recently started 2 BA Honours Degrees. I look forward to reading all your introductions and I want to personally welcome you to the new Friend-Nexus Forum!!
  13. Step 1. In the title enter: "New Member: " followed by your name (real name or username) and where you’re from. Example: “New Member: PyroSyndicate - United Kingdom”. It helps if you use this kind of descriptive title because it will catch the attention of Members with similar location as yours, and thus quickly get you useful feedback. Step 2. Then give us some information about yourself in the comment box. You don’t need to tell your life story, but the more you share the better the relationships we can build. Here are some example questions to help you get started quickly: Tell us about yourself: who are you, what do you do, where are you from? How did you find about FriendUP? What did you like it? What is a project you are working on? What’s currently your biggest challenge when it comes to your dream project? What’s the big goal you want to achieve? What have you tried so far? What worked, what didn’t? Why did you decide your chosen Project?
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