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  1. I love demoscene. In total awe of the coding prowess and talent. There's a 64kb pc demo by farbrausch called the .product which is one of my favourites 🙂 back in my amiga days used to love state of the art and pigs in space 😄
  2. Some options there then. I think either a chromium or linux backend would work well
  3. Nice!!!! Cant wait to get my hands on this!
  4. Is there a native windows application for FriendOS? Having to run in a browser in full screen mode while effective does have some drawbacks. Firstly when using multiple monitors, if I click out of the browser on to my second monitor and back again, it takes multiple clicks to regain focus in an area I was working in (for example a text box) and secondly if the focus isnt regained properly in the text box and I select text to delete and press the back space key, the browser thinks I'm trying to navigate back, and leaves the page. This results in leaving the workspace and potentially losing work. Any advice? Cheers, Marcus.
  5. Ok, so digging around a little reveals this has already been done, with a great video by Hogne - Friend CEO. Please find below some information and links to the tutorial! It's possible to make your own friend apps within the system using "FriendCreate" There is some documentation here: https://friendos.com/resources/ And here is a tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENxmfm_aFj0 You can also create a package with FriendCreate once it's done and if u wanna deploy it to others can either send the zip file around and pack out in Home: drive and run or get it displayed in the Marketplace. Happy coding 🙂
  6. Cool! I used VRChat a few times too like you said its a bit frantic and random but entertaining 😄 is use BoxVR and beatsaber for fitness stuff - they are great. I look forward to seeing Friend VR!
  7. What would be the killer app that you think is missing from the marketplace? For me I think a really good open source image editor - something akin to GIMP with the functionality of photoshop.
  8. Anyone else got an Oculus Quest? I'm really enjoying Superhot Vr. Setting out a large playing area (3x3m) in the garden and going crazy trying to get past some levels. God knows what the neighbors think! What else are you all playing on the Quest?
  9. How exactly does one go about getting started in making games for Friend? Is there an engine like unity we can use? What language do we program in? Cheers, Marcus.
  10. Hi, As a useful starting point, could someone please post a quick tutorial either video or step by step, on how within FriendOS we can create a simple app. What program to use to code it, how to access the different parts of the friend specific code for displaying windows and adding additional content such as embedding pictures ect. I feel that this would massively help people just getting started to familiarise themselves app development in Friend. Cheers, Marcus.
  11. Hello all, I was introduced to FriendUP by my friend David Pleasance. I've been a tinkerer and amateur programmer for a while, and come from a background of Amiga use and moved on to PC's and ultimately Windows and Linux. I love the idea of a decentralised OS and can't wait to start making apps for the platform. Also big in to VR and look forward to seeing Friend there too! Regards, Marcus
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