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  1. David, commercial or residential real estate?
  2. Have access to one also via my 12-year-old. Let's see if we can locate within and start doing anything. Pretty please.
  3. Artist/Architect/Writer/Filmmaker I am super passionate about empowering the creative sector economically and just about igniting creativity in general in everyday actions. Building new models between architecture, art, film and interaction. I have split my time between the US and Norway since the last century. I miss just about everything in Norway when I am not there. I miss the US diversity (in food, people and landscape) when I am in Norway. I don't really miss US culture save slang American English, breakfast burritos and sunlight of the southwestern US (especially in January when in Norway). I met Hogne in 2017 after a long two days of sitting on reviews at the architecture school in Oslo, as someone had told me I should try to find him (a chap named Paul White, who should be on this platform soon too). As we sat having beer at Akers Brygge (the main harbor in Oslo right next to the Nobel Peace Center), I realized that everything he was attempting to do was what I was working on in a science fiction feature, subverting the subtext to educate the masses on climate change, and how to take matters into their own hands. It begins with small but poetic and powerful gestures in ones' everyday reality. More can see seen soon here: http://infiniteseed.is. But Friend is a critical partner in the technological movements on our end. Biggest challenge with this project has been closing financing, and before that weeding through a lot of imposters/have beens/didn't-quite-get-there-but-talk-loud-say-nothing in the film industry (Hollywood) and also in the tech start up space (toxic bro culture). Also have a few other sage technology partnerships that are part of this effort. http://idena.io, https://solid.inrupt.com/ via Idena and hopefully here soon https://nianticlabs.com/. What’s the big goal you want to achieve? Peace on Earth. It's a lofty goal but I think as more and more of us find each other and begin to implement our work on our own terms and in collaboration with likeminded others creatively, spiritually, supportively, we will be setting the world along to do just this. Not possibly in our lifetimes, but I do hope my sons begin to witness it and take these tools into their own hands to design with us now and ongoing. Why did you decide your chosen Project? I had no other option anymore. Like it is willing itself into being despite the struggles, hurdles, pain and loss. As soon as I am about ready to go work at a pub, someone shows up to fill in the exact void I was experiencing. Really happy to say, our team is super amazing. It's taken years to get there. I consider Friend a huge part of this team. seeds_a.mp4
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