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  1. For me you should start by setting up account on friendsky.cloud server. If you already have it and want to get server on your computer there is manual somewhere (check on github or here on pages somewhere. If you will not find it I will find it for you) how to install it from sources.
  2. Thank you for your help. I will try to fix makefile tomorrow.
  3. So whats happening when you do "make setup" call? I see we have bug in makefile but want to deliver temporary solution for you.
  4. Please check Config.defs file and write here your OPENSSL_INTERNAL variable. Second thing, do you do "make setup" before "make compile" ? It is used to generate 3rd party libraries.
  5. OK I assume you are launching FriendCore from core/bin directory. But you should launch it from friendup/build You can disable this 2 entries in Config file: FRIEND_PATH="/home/friend/friendup/build"FRIEND_HOME="/home/friend/friendup"
  6. Try: cd "where friendup is" find . -name mysql.library This library is created when you are doing compilation. It should be moved to path where FriendCore is installed + path libs/ . So : - maybe it was not compiled (some problems) - please give me compilcation output - or maybe its copyed to wrong path
  7. Some linux distros require ssh_threads lib, some not. So the best idea was to put that into config. If you want overwrite default configiration settings create Config file. Put it in same place where Config.defs is and all options set in Config file will be used instead of Config.defs.
  8. This kind of robot may sue you in the future:)
  9. Nice to see you here. I have 3-4 years of experience in COBOL:)
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