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  1. So here we are. A couple of weeks into Corona Virus. Spring never felt so naked. I'm looking outside my window from my home office, and the streets are almost empty. Few airplanes are flying above. Many choose to go to the forest, to the beach. They don't stay around outside of their homes. They are either inside or a drive away. In Friend, productivity has gone up since we implemented home office about two weeks ago. There's a little bit of a mixed bag of experiences - some find it tedious, and some find it less stressful. Having moved most of our work to the Friend Workspace, we're equally equipped at home or at the office. We have our chatrooms - our ad hoc video calls and planning meetings. Things are working really well technically. I'm kindof wondering how corona will change how we work after the fact. I think more people will be working from home, personally. I know for sure that I'd want to. I think it's easier to concentrate. Easier to find peace of mind. And online meetings work surprisingly well. How's your experience working from home?
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