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Found 2 results

  1. well hello :3 here i am :# sky from the clouds? yeah thats what i like to be called, skygamer? it sounds good, at least for me hehe ^^ sooo, im just a normal student that wanted to give the best of him for just a simple work, i have 16 years, from "valdorio school in oeiras" and im in a professional course ( even prettending to go to university in future) i love a lot of computers and mainly thats why i am here, afterall because one of my teachers in school gave to the class some Operating systems to we work out and see what it was about, it was suposed to be just a quick search and explanation about how the OS was and why it was being used somewhere.... well as i am not a normal person, i dont like simple things, i wanted to do more... i didnt want to just do the same everyone does (even if i get a worse note) but yeah, then i just searched a lot, i found the discord server link (that wasnt working) i didnt give up, i tried telegram link (it worked but nobody said anything bc we were in a weekend) then i got to the facebook page, and wow, there was the first person that made a big change in the way i did all my work, he opened me a huge door for knowledge and a wild adventure that i was starting from there, i talked with ACE ^:3 he is lovely, he helped me with some target questions about friendOS and even after he gave me the correct discord link. WELL discord is where the things move faster, thankfully i recieved all the help from everyone, ace, PYRO the one who talked and explained me a lot about the function of things, Stefkos, who helped me and explained me about friendos installation :3, Sokken wich was really kind and explained me mostly about networks ^^, Newarival the one who gave me acess to the friendsky plataform account and that made me study the plataform alot, well everyone from that least is awesome, and really i didnt expect the huge support they all gave to me when i started the work, and essentially Monsoon, well everyone know about him ^^ didnt really expected to get the honnor of talking with such a brilliant mind guy who teached me a lot about the near future tech... it was awesome but anyway... i was just lost, thinking that i was going to do just a simple work, but it really turned out in a huge other way. Thankfully because them all i did a lot of things like Learning to use Linux terminal Learning to install FriendOS trought that Learning to use FriendOs Learning to Configure a network Learning about blockchains and future things it all made my work... be such not a normal thing, it wasnt just about researching about friendOS it grew to me, making relationships with people, learning sorta of new things, and learning a lot about networkstuff... it all gave me a good horizon of knowledge that now will and can be used in many ways, all because you guys... thanks a lot, even thought if i dont get a good note... it was worth it (i even wrote a huge message explaining my teacher about that adventure :v it might help the note) well thats mostly all, i still wanna keep in contact with those people cause they are awesome... and ah i forgot about a thing ^^ well in a near future i wanna keep going through the TI/IT world, and be a really good informatic engineer , who knows? maybe a day i can change the world, not alone of course, but together we can make the difference, and we are already doing, 1 by 1 getting along with each other. ❤️ thx for all guys, thats all i have for now :3 see ya
  2. Hi Everyone! o/ I am Kyle, aka Pyrosyndicate; and I am the community manager, this includes roles as keeping the back-end server and services running in top condition, implementing new features and tools to the forum and overall just keeping everyone happy! I came to friend after stumbling across the FriendUP site looking for a decentralised webOS for my company NexusCloud Services. I quickly got in deep with the community and became an active member of the community, helping out where possible and providing as much help as possible. FriendUP & NexusCloud Services have since joined in a Mutual Partnership and work together on corporate projects which has been a fantastic insight into how such a wonderful company is ran. I started this career as I was always fascinated in how things worked under the hood (or side panel of a computer I guess you could say) and have since grown my third successful startup, completed every vendor course under the sun and recently started 2 BA Honours Degrees. I look forward to reading all your introductions and I want to personally welcome you to the new Friend-Nexus Forum!!
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