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New Member: Brooke Merkin - Boston USA

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Hi Everyone!

I am a technology enthusiast, and early adopter of fresh concepts. I am an IT support engineer working mostly shorter term contracts, which allows me plenty of time for various other projects. I believe I found FriendUP by looking at an article posted alongside my LinkedIn or Facebook account. I can't believe my great fortune to be selected as an early adopter of this exciting new platform. I dabble in Linux and actually met Linus at a conference many years ago, (where he started by saying "...yes it's true you have finally met GOD".)

Although primarily a Windows user, I have always passively sought out alternatives and am very excited about this new platform. I hope to learn as much as I can, so that I may help to spread the usage throughout Boston and beyond. 

I hope to be a true representative of your 'average noob' so that I may help others who are possibly a bit fearful of trying something completely new.

That is my main 'project' at this time, but I'm sure more opportunities will open up as I learn to use this platform. I'm very excited about the de-centralized aspect and would like to understand more about that.

I am very friendly and open to any and all communications, so please do not hesitate to reach out and say hello.



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Welcome @Brooke! Nice to see you on the forum. And great to see a technical user here - it will be great to hear your feedback as the Friend OS grows and develops.

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