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Hogne Titlestad - Norway - Friend CEO

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Greetings Friend Nexus!

I am Hogne Titlestad, aka m0ns00n. I'm the founder and CEO of Friend Software, and the lead developer on the open source Friend OS project. I started my programming adventure in 1986 on a C= 64 and advanced through Basic, C, PHP and Javascript programming over the years. I have remained a strong supporter of the open source movement and for software freedom in general. For many years, I saw the need for technologies that were independent from large international mega corporations - technologies we depend on for our daily, digital lives. And that's why I can't leave out Friend OS from my introduction.

Friend OS was created as a contribution to your freedom of choice. And it is widening your choices in many areas - from productivity to creativity, collaboration and even entertainment. Since 2003, I have been hard at work on projects that could deliver what Friend is now starting to achieve. It has become my life's biggest project and mission.

Friend OS is a runway to open source software online. My team is spending a lot of time to make it easy to install, deploy and use. Friend OS is not only a tool, it builds a network in which we encourage developers to offer their creations, be it software, services or talent. We strongly believe that in the future, you will find any software you need, even proprietary applications, in the Friend Marketplace (under development), and in software repositories hosted by trusted parties. You will always have a choice with Friend. And you will always have access, wherever you are, without the dependence on faceless corporations.

I hope this forum may serve as an arena where we can form a knowledgeable community of tech professionals, geeks, artists, gamers and regular users who contribute to each other's experience with the platform and the ecosystem being built around Friend. I will do my part, and contribute as much as I can - as will the entire Friend team. Over time, the Friend Nexus will become the largest repository of knowledge about Friend OS online. And I hope to be an active part of it. And I hope we can build a collaborative spirit here based on sharing, ambition and friendship.

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