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Charly Bates

New Member: Carlos Betés from Spain

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I am a dissident patriot and I am self-employed as a free activist on natural rights and liberties through free wealth systems such as multi-level marketing and beyond my imagination. I am from Spain and seeking to exile for system independence. I have an adventurous spirit to explore the unknown stuff and conquer new territories with success as a high potential achiever.


I found this operating system on a recent YouTube video that exposes some of the top usable OS in 2020 by searching the "top free, secure and versatile alternative operating systems"; whereas this one turns to be one of my favorite trustworthy candidates. I am always chasing special opportunities to escape the rat race of the matrix as a revolutionary power investigator. I clearly admire the all-in-one multi-purpose self-sustainable approach that represents like no one else apparently. I value the most its strong defense for personal security combined with the special networking features and potentialities, that really take my social circle skills to my advantage in a safe but viral mode at the unison.


Truthfully, I am working my way out to bring a real solution for several out of the tons of projects I have been dreaming to accomplish. For instance, here is one of my very favorite ones: <redacted as spam>. If I was you, I would take deep action to grow your business for your living standard right away.


My biggest challenge to conquer my dream project is to get rid of my toxic hit-men in order to establish an order in my everyday quality of life, starting by cleansing all my chemical hell off my cadaver while in total and absolute privacy for life. For this purpose to become true, my top priority is to attract freedom-based finances like a samurai master warrior.


The big goal I want to achieve is to bring the reason for being to The Resistance with real sense of efficient synergy for preparedness against collapse, by building a community of social responsibility, while engaging synchronous symbiosis in a new counter-matrix of stable and developed interconnections. I have been chasing a wide variety of shortcuts to success promises with baby steps and heavy breathing cause my mind has been focused on preserving the guaranteed quality of economic decision freedom on my entrepreneurial success pathway at the best cost-efficiency in terms of time investment as my top valuable resource.


The decision for my vital project is made for the purpose of liberating like-minded patriots from all chains of slavery and induce them to turn their dreams into a reality. There is an wide diversity of awakened pro-lifers, starting by high-potential achievers as perfect candidates to train their life skills balance mastery. My purpose is to focus on creating a free secret society upon a practical shortcut formula to success in order to empower the wholistic freedom of the top dissidents.

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Linked site was spam/misleading.

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Welcome to the forum!

Hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm sure there's room for ambitious discussions in our off topic categories. I hope you will find what you need with Friend OS, and I hope you can help us improve it.

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