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Feedback on Friend Hydrogen 1

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Hi All,

I had a good look around in Hydrogen FriendOS using a Demo account and thought to feedback ideas that came to mind and experiences where I thought it could be improved. Overall I thought it was slick and look forward to more apps being available. I loved the Swoop game, it nourished my inner geek : )  It might be an idea to provide a post on what the different apps are written in and their underlying tech (if that is not too revealing) to give ideas to developers on how they too could use similar code frameworks or gaming engines (?) to achieve similar or better results.

My points are clearly subjective and may be based on me using a Chromebook for this feedback. As always I hope they are useful and my experience overall remains a very positive one. 


Version: v1.2.4 / Hydrogen-40-g731c73188



Unclear how you can delete an app and whether the MarketPlace is available to reinstall or select other apps.


I can see in Document - Advanced Settings that a document should autosave if the checkbox for it is selected. It would be helpful to show a failed to save icon or a delay in saving alert icon in the bottom window bar should a problem or a delay occur (dismissed when saved successfully). 


When clicking on Friend logo in Spreadsheet it takes me to an incomplete web page at https://friendup.cloud/ whereas Presentation and Document take me to https://friendos.com


In Document will Ctrl+S provide a keyboard shortcut to save?


When selecting the Document save icon it says “Downloading Document”. Is a document saved to Home not in the cloud on the FriendSky server? Should it not say “Uploading Document”?


When saving a Document using the save icon multiple times it puts the Clear All option at the bottom of the list. It would be more convenient if it was at the top of the list of notifications (to close).  


Failed to transfer an image file from Files app in ChromeOS (in a Chromebook) to Friend desktop using drag and drop. New browser tab opened with “about:blank#blocked”. (Could be a Chrome setting?) No file in Home: Downloads. Browser / Chrome Version 84.0.4147.110 (Official Build) (64-bit). Note, all privacy extensions disabled for friendsky.cloud site.


No repeat last action shortcut found in Document. Handy for work like adding a new table row repeatedly.


Will it be possible to save to local disk or drives? (I am assuming that this is disabled in the demo version).


Desirable to be able to move window with Alt+select and drag window.


Desirable to be able to auto raise a window when hovering over it with a mouse pointer.


SVG-Edit raised the following error on install from the “Welcome” app: fail {“response”: “Path parameter is empty”, “code”:”2”}. File - Quit did not work to close the window and Manage Tasks needed to be used instead.


CubeSlam app shows a blank window on loading.


Unable to sign into FriendNexus using a username and known password within Friend using the FriendNexus app but could do this from a web browser.


Really hope this is helpful. Keep up the good work!

Let me know if I can provide further input. 


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